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In-Home-Euthanasia Information

What Do We Do?

We Know It’s Hard

First of all, we are so sorry you’re having to deal with this. We know it’s hard, but we're glad you found us and being prepared in advance really does help.  This page should provide you with all of the pertinent information, but if you'd like a call from Dr. Fiona, she’s available for phone consultations - simply click here to request a call.

After reading more about our process and cost, if you think you might want to move forward, please fill out our Detailed Form to provide the information we need to schedule an appointment. Once we have all your information, we will prepare the paperwork in order to be prepared if and when the time comes to schedule an appointment.  


We are not an emergency service. Please have a plan in place should an emergency arise. You can view other End-of-Life Providers and local Emergency Clinics here.

We are available by appointment only with limited times available during the day and early evenings, including weekends.


We perform the actual euthanasia in 2 steps:

1. Initially, we give a little injection containing pain medication, anti-anxiety medication, and sedative. If your pet is still interested in food, this is a great time for cheeseburgers, ice cream sandwiches, anything (s)he still loves.

After this, you can sit with your pet while (s)he becomes comfortable, relaxed, sleepy, and eventually deeply sedated. 

We can do this wherever you and your pet are most comfortable. You determine who is present (people and/or pets) and the environment (quiet, music, etc.) - whatever is most calming.

2. When your pet is ready, we give the final injection. Know that you can be present for as much or as little as you choose. If you have a blanket that your pet can lie on and can come with him/her, that is ideal, but not essential. 


The cost for In-Home Euthanasia ranges from $390-550 depending the weight of your pet. For more detailed pricing, please visit our pricing and services page.

After Care

You are welcome to take care of aftercare yourself, or we can make the arrangements and take care of your pet's body for you.

Communal Cremation (no return of ashes) begins at $90.
Private Cremation, 
which includes a clay paw print, ink nose print, basic urn and return of ashes, begins at $225. If you choose Private Cremation, you can expect to have your pet's ashes back within approximately 2 weeks. Ashes can be returned to you directly, to your regular vet, or arrangements can be made for you to pick them up from The Pet Loss Center in McKinney.

For more detailed information about after care, please visit our pricing and services page.