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The decision to euthanize a beloved pet is never easy, but is often the right decision. I know first hand the pain of losing a special pet and the anxiety when we have to make life-and-death decisions for the animals we love. We wish they could talk – tell us how they feel and what they want. We want them to know we love them.

I have been blessed to be able to care for, and when necessary, euthanize my pets in our own home, in the familiar and loving environment that my pets know. That is what we want to do for owners and the pets they love. Our desire is to make the last days and moments you spend with your pet a memory to treasure, not a trauma to forget.

-Dr. Fiona McCord

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Areas of Practice


We are available for short phone calls to discuss various options to determine what plan of care will be best for your family. Contact us today to begin a pressure-free discussion.


in-home euthanasia

When the time does come, we will travel to your home and provide services where your pet is most comfortable. We tailor the appointment to your preferences and will do everything possible to make this a pleasant memory for all involved. 

Quality of life visit

There are many things to consider during your pet's final stage of life. We offer 3 levels of visits for those wanting assistance in assessing their pet's current quality of life and/or how to decide when euthanasia is a reasonable, rational, and loving course of action. 

After care

Following the passing of your pet, we can help you navigate the choices for aftercare. Should you wish, we can gently take your pet and make arrangements through the Pet Loss Center for cremation services. Private Cremation includes transportation, a paw print, and return of ashes with a small basic urn. 

hospice & Pain management

As a pet owner, we know you desire to keep your pet as comfortable as possible in their final days. We provide hospice and pain management house calls, with ongoing consultations via phone or email, and prescription services within Frisco and the immediately surrounding areas. 

grief support

The loss of a pet can leave a large void in your heart and life. We host a monthly support group and can provide referrals to individualized counseling to help you through this difficult time. Learn more about our Pet Loss Support Group


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anatole Frances


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